Thursday, June 26, 2014

From the series introverts should not have children unless they can afford a daytime nanny.

So I read  this on the fussy and colic babies support page on facebook (I am not alone) and can already picture my life a few years from now. Is this perhaps why I am always so drained for energy? As an introvert I always valued time alone, even my husband could get on my nerves sometimes, so what to say of my literally overly attached-to-me baby? Ok, she is just a (high need) baby, I get it. But then if this 'no time alone' pattern continues throughout her childhood, I'm certainly screwed. Looking forward to her teen years. And yup, she does love being out and about (picture above), even it means to be overly tired afterwards and screaming her heart out to make it a point. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Expectations x Reality: one big laugh

Writing this with a teething high need baby nursing, so be aware of the lack of grammatic coherence in the text.

Before becoming a mom, I had a certain idea of how I would handle everyday life things, the 'toughest' part I could picture were sleepless nights, because that is what most of people (my own mom included) seem to slightly mention concerning parenthood. The time spent with my newborn would be rather joyful, afterall all you need to do is nurse, then they sleep like two or three hours straight, then you change a diaper, and go on with your life, how hard could it be? LOL.

You know how I got this naive idea? Observing. Looking around. Hearing. At the gym. At cafés. In airplanes and airports. Travelling. And everywhere else where normal human beings spend their daily lives. Who to blame? The easy babies. They do exist, and they are apparently everywhere. The easy babies and their moms. It is now easy for me to spot the easiest baby on the block. It is usually that one that even after half hour baby swimming, calmly lies down inside its lift, while the mother combs her wet hair. This is provocation. Who the heck has time to hair styling after a baby swimming lesson?? I'm lucky if I can have a quick soap free shower just to rinse off the stinky water away from my skin. Shortly followed by my screaming baby who protests no matter how short it is the time she has to be 'on her own' while I dress myself, gather our things and hold five things in my hands (baby included) while exiting the dressroom. In the meantime my hair looks like a 80s' pop singer's hairdo (a nigtmare called 'let the unwashed wet hair dry on its own'). Haha.

Easy babies and my false expectations during my pre-baby life. They are the ones sleeping in the cafés, usually inside a lift or even outside in their prams (in Denmark it is common sense to leave one's baby outside a café while the mother enjoys a meal - possibly wine or a cocktail included, since this is ok here as well). Sleeping while the mother can leisurely hold a normal conversation with a friend, how convenient. Haha.

Easy babies and my false expectations concerning coming back to shape. I thought I would be back to the gym just as soon as my doctor gave me her 'ok, go for it'. After all how many times have I seen those little babies in their strollers, awake and serene while the mother lifts weight and during breaks even talk to her gym pal. How hard can this be? Hahaha. 

Travelling. Always a child screaming, but these are usually toddlers. Babies are always soooo quiet. Even while waiting for embarking, even if it takes forever. And so many blog posts I once read mentioning how it is just fine and actually the most perfect time in one's child life to travel while they are just babies. Hahahahaha.

Conclusion. Easy babies are everywhere. These were the ones whom I thought were the average babies, the ones I looked at and thought 'aww how cute, I want one too'. The difficult ones, the high need ones, the colicky ones, these are inside their home with a mother terrified to step out of the door, while struggling with ppd and God knows what else. They are the ones who behave the opposite in the previously described situations. The very opposite. These are like my baby.